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The CameronLife Photo Library Team | CameronLife

The CameronLife Photo Library Team

Neil Everest – Has run the business full time day to day from inception – developing and implementing the restoration, cataloguing and publication of the archive materials; arranging and implementing production of prints and related merchandise; organising exhibitions; networking and creating relationships with collaborators and customers – in short pretty well everything that has got the business to where it is today with input and assistance from the rest of us when available.

Andy Everest – As Neil’s business partner, Andy has supported him from the outset within the limitations imposed by having a full time job as well. In addition to the activities already listed Andy has used his creativity and skills to specialise in audio-visual production related to marketing and exhibition requirements, and is generally interested in all aspects of marketing the business, particularly Social Media and our blog.

Glenys Everest – As the only photography professional in the team, Glenys’ skills and experience have been invaluable in the restoration and publication processes. Glenys is a very creative person who has given invaluable insights and produced top quality products throughout the development of the business. As Neil’s wife and the team member closest to him she has also been a major source of support throughout.

Nick Everest – Having spent most of the early years on the periphery due to too many other commitments, Nick is now in a position to commit more of the time that the business needs and deserves. With an abiding interest in computers and the Internet, Nick’s contributions to date have been largely confined to IT related matters including the setting up of our online presence and creation and administration of the blog. The business is now in the position where digital marketing, particularly through social media, is an avenue which cannot be ignored and Nick is taking the technical lead on those matters with creative collaboration from Andy. A major project soon to come to fruition has been the creation of an online retail shop, with a similar facility aimed at potential wholesalers of our merchandise ranges close behind.

David Arthur – Although CameronLife has a massive range of material on other subjects – yet to be restored and published for the most part – our emphasis to date has been very much centred on the collection of unique and stunning images created by Charles Everest during the 1970 Isle of Wight Music Festival.
With the 50th Anniversary of the “greatest event on earth” due in August 2020 – not to mention the anniversaries of the 1968 and 1969 festivals also in the offing – David is the ideal person to front our face-to-face sales and marketing campaign related to those events.
As a music fanatic and personal friend of many, including Frankie Miller of Howl, and as a known aquaintance of even greater numbers of music industry performers and insiders David is the ideal person for this role – and living in Germany means he is also our first truly International representative.

Viki Taylor – Viki is the younger sister of Nick, Neil and Andy and her main occupation is as a full-time Mum. However, she is also a gifted amateur photographer in her own right and currently lives on the Isle of Wight so is ideally placed as our local representative with the advent of the 3 Festivals.


And just to finish off here’s one I did earlier – guess which ones of the above are pictured here not long before the 1970 festival????