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David (Davy) Arthur – Mini Bio | CameronLife

David (Davy) Arthur – Mini Bio

Born 18th March 1953, I was passionate about music from the beginning: Spending the first 3 years of my life at my grandparents who had an old HMV record player complete with green velvet turntable.

I refused to go to bed at night without first having something played or sung to me – Usually “Bimbo” by Jim Reeves. It was a happy home -My dad sang and played mouth organ and accordion and my uncle played piano too.

So, listening to and collecting music has been with me from the start. I prefer live performance though and started going to local gigs regularly in 1967, thanks mainly to two school friends who were in pretty good bands at the time. One played keyboards in the 60s version of the Bay City Rollers then found some fame and fortune with Pilot. The other was in Bilbo Baggins who made it to No48 in the charts and a Top of the Pops appearance. ( His bass player went on to become MD of Polydor Records ).. Billy Lyall is sadly no longer with us and Gordon ( Tosh ) McIntosh is still gigging in Edinburgh.

The game changer for me was a night in June 1968 that will live with me forever. Two bands through from Glasgow to play at our school basket ball summer dance. Teargas and The Stoics who blew the place apart: Teargas going on to join Alex in the Sensational Alex Harvey Band , The Stoics signing for Chrysalis a year later and became Howl: Fronted by one Frankie Miller .

In one evening I was introduced to the music of Neil Young , Jethro Tull , Spooky Tooth, Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart, and two guys who were also writing their own songs Frankie Miller and guitarist Jimmy Doris who had already penned a hit for Lulu in 1967!

Frankie Miller
Frankie Miller

Howl went on to perform at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival then split as Frankie went on to pursue his solo career. I followed his career ever since and consider him to be the best ( white ) male voice I ever heard, missing only one tour with TYA in 1972.

I’m a fan who became a friend and have helped with compiling an album for him and worked on the design concepts for his duets album Frankie Millers  Double Take in 2016.

My own career eventually took me into print sales in the early 80s and I have been involved in sales , design and print now for over 35 years . Enough already !

I am delighted to be accepted by Charles Everest family as the new member of the team and to help celebrate the up and coming anniversaries for Isle of Wight Festivals.


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