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Neil Everest – Mini Bio | CameronLife

Neil Everest – Mini Bio

Life Before CameronLife

I was brought up on the Island (Isle of Wight) and had the misfortune to be a part of the new Middle School experiment wasting three years before heading off to Sandown High to “catch up” with my education – but despite this I surprisingly managed to scrape three A level passes, which allowed me to progress on my chosen path toward a commission in the Royal Navy. Three years later after Officer Training at Dartmouth and a short taste of the life on the ocean wave aboard HMS Blake I then failed part way through the degree course at Manadon Royal Naval Engineering College in Plymouth (my maths caught up with me – I never could get my head around imaginary numbers etc!).
With no real idea of what else I wanted to do I found myself drifting into the Security industry and then the Property Preservation sector first as a specialist surveyor and ultimately as a partner in a remedial treatments company. After a few years on the board of a small security company and fed up with the London rat race I ’emigrated’ up north and began a period of twenty years of service in Local Government working my way up through various supervisory and management roles and the countless departmental restructures whilst always trying my best to make a difference despite the deep seated culture and internal politics of local government. My opportunity to escape came when an external consultant saw no future role for an Environmental Improvement Manager following our umpteenth restructure.

Having already gone part time a few years previously – voluntary early retirement, together with my supporting wife Glenys, allowed me to take on the Cameron Life Photo Library challenge full time from 2012.

Since then, in partnership with brother Andy and with the support and assistance of the family I have been able to lead CameronLife in it’s first phase of our project to preserve, restore, research and expose Dad’s historically important photographic work for the world to be able to appreciate it.

As we now (April 2018) enter upon the next phase of the project it is great to welcome brother Nick into the working team along with our most enthusiastic friend David Arthur.


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