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Nick Everest – Mini Bio | CameronLife

Nick Everest – Mini Bio

My name is Nick Everest and I am the eldest of 4 siblings.

I was born on 16th January 1958 in Leith, Scotland where my father Charles Everest, the photographer of all the Cameron Life Collection IoW 1970 images was working as a documentary photographer and newsreel lighting cameraman/producer.

I wasn’t all that old before the Scottish government recognised my heathen potential and kicked me out of the country – only joking! – Dad had the offer to become the news “stringer” for the Isle of Wight and we moved South via a brief sojourn in Surrey where my brother Neil was born.

This early picture seemed to forecast my love of the sea, well nurtured during my childhood which included an awful lot of messing around in boats! For a while the family even lived on former sailing barge “Hound” moored on Wootton Creek.

Quite interestingly given what I am doing now I had very little interest in either photography or music growing up. I was out and about all day every day having the adventures that growing lads had and that left me with little need for music in my life.

As for photography, in my mind it was too strongly associated with being forced to pose and smile unnaturally by my perfectionist father! To me it was a chore and a bore, not becoming an interest until I started travelling the world as an adult.

It was during this period that my youngest brother Andy and my sister Viki were born – I’m not sure whether (as 1st generation Islanders) they count as genuine caulkheads but they certainly have more claim than Neil or I.

One highlight of my adolescence (although I failed to appreciate it at the time) was my attendance at the 1970 Isle of Wight Music Festival at Afton – the “greatest event on earth” as it became known.

Festival aftermath – East Afton Festival site
– Unless you were actually there, it is hard to imagine the immensity of the litter problem that an event such as this poses. Whilst all the fans were waiting for their buses home, many hundreds of people carried on cleaning and trying to make good the site.

My father Charles was working with the festival promoters and took me along with him when it started so I could see what was going on. As it happened, due mainly to the traffic situation generated by hundreds of thousands of fans making their way to the site, we were unable to get home for the duration so I stayed in a backstage caravan.

It was not only us that had travel problems! As a result I ended up sharing the van for a night with the lovely Joan Baez!!

I started my working life as an Engineer Officer in the Merchant Navy, travelling the world with P&O Cruises and Princess Cruises.
That is me back row far right with my colleagues on my cadetship course.

Since leaving the sea I have put my engineering credentials to work in the hydropower industry as well as a period selling equipment for rotating machinery to power stations, petrochemical plants etc.
Hydropower gave me the opportunity to live and work in some pretty exotic locations around the world including Kashmir, Uganda, Malaysia, Sumatra, Sudan, Oban and Llanberis.

Over the years I have also run businesses in coach tours, network marketing and various online enterprises, and managed a large service related project with the NHS.

Throughout my career I have been a user of computers leading to an abiding interest in the technical side of IT and a growing expertise in online marketing.

As a result I now act as the IT lead for CameronLife and take a strong role in marketing co-ordination. I am also setting up a new business to offer these services to other small businesses, both online and locally.
As a result some of you may be familiar with my online alter ego pictured here!

Away from work my interests are varied, but as old father time catches up with me I am shifting from being active to more of a watching role in many of them. However I do still have a dream of retiring to my own yacht, and of getting back on the ski slopes when my hip replacement is done and dusted!




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