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Romeo Challenger – Black Widow – just turned 68 – born 19th May 1950

Romeo Challenger - Black Widow drummer
Romeo Challenger – Black Widow

Formed in 1969, Black Widow were primarily renowned for their use of satanic and occult imagery, opening their spot with a banned track “Come to the Sabbat” at six o’clock on the Thursday evening. Despite taming their act down in anticipation of success, their future plans with CBS were put on hold whilst the record company concentrated on promoting Simon and Garfunkle’s new track, “Bridge over Troubled Water”. Later, a trip to the States resulted in their road crew absconding to join the Black Sabbath troop.
Romeo Challenger, who was born 19th May 1950 in Antigua, later achieved fame with pop band Showaddywaddy.

Terry Ollis – Hawkwind – 66 today – born 11th April 1952

Pink Fairies and Hawkwind outside Canvas City, Afton 1970

Terry Ollis was the 18 year old drummer for Hawkwind at the IW Festival in 1970. Hawkwind are see here with the Pink Fairies outside Canvas City – but which one is Terry?

My money is on the drummer on the right, but you may know different!?

Feel free to comment if you know the answer.