Hi there to all who enjoyed The Moody Blues US Spring Tour 2014. We are very proud that our great photos from the Moodies early line-up  taken by Charles Everest,  at the evocative 1970 Isle of Wight Music Festival, will be featured on the Moody Blues Cruise, as well as having appeared amongst the images projected during the concert performances on the tour.

In our on-line galleries you can find many more examples of Charles’ documentary photography covering most of the artists and many other aspects of the 1970 festival, but for your convenience we have included the thumbnail images below –  to take you back to view each of the featured photographs of the Moodies once again.

Should you wish to purchase any prints or products – just click the BUY button on your favourite thumbnails to view the larger images where you can choose from a selection of purchase options.

[photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000I6JZSDZ2NqM” buy=”1″ width=”150″ height=”245″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000ayDz58ePyaI” buy=”1″ width=”150″ height=”245″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000bg20bRmCaow” buy=”1″ width=”150″ height=”244″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000wjh7B0loEFw” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”170″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000OlnmX48AKCA” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”170″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000ARpt.L.eOdc” buy=”1″ width=”150″ height=”245″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I00003Hr45QAliv8″ buy=”1″ width=”150″ height=”244″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000XijfT7E0RpE” buy=”1″ width=”150″ height=”245″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I00008GwO6RluYIg” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”170″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000eKKREsDTctk” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”170″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I00005dVWiWP24cY” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”170″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000sLMH.uysIMI” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”170″][photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000ZDoktYHC5ww” buy=”1″ width=”150″ height=”245″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000cWx6SqxLMt4″ buy=”1″ width=”150″ height=”245″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000398m4KuDrMw” buy=”1″ width=”150″ height=”244″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000jRNgYLSCJwU” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”169″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000Zcvty43pYjs” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”170″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000z2qrGDoxsmw” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”169″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000sF7s0cMxMtw” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”170″][photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000bmGwAtzOMYk” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”357″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000zubGu7_ulww” buy=”1″ width=”225″ height=”357″] [photoshelter-img i_id=”I0000lpPzQCjKqkM” buy=”1″ width=”450″ height=”380″]

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