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Welcome to our newest team member – David Arthur

The CameronLife Team are delighted to welcome aboard our newest member – David (Davy) Arthur.

We first made contact with Davy (a long-time friend of Frankie Miller) as a result of Glenys’ research   to identify various unknown (to us!) artists caught on camera by Charles and to be included in the line-up for our imminent Exhibition at Swansea Museum in 2011. So delighted was David to have discovered the existence of his holy grail (photographic evidence of Frankie’s 1970 appearance with Howl at the IW Festival) that he travelled down from Edinburgh to Swansea just to attend the opening night and meet us. Over the ensuing years we have kept in touch and he has followed our development with interest and helped our sales by finding homes for a good number of Charles’ prints. Remember the guy who liked the company so much that he bought it? Well it is certainly true to say that Davy and CameronLife have bought in to each other big time!

Davy comes to us with a lifetime of experience and high level contacts within the music industry, as well as an impressive CV covering a long sales and marketing career.

Recently he has been busy running his own design business and, as a natural networker, he has developed top class contacts within that field as well.

Add to this his skill set covering website and graphic design as well as print management and we feel truly fortunate to have such a dynamic and enthusiastic personality complementing so many of our areas of activity.

Since he has the abilities to contribute over such a wide range we have found it difficult to come up with a suitable title for him!

However, he will be taking the lead in person-to-person marketing and sales and, having recently moved from Scotland to Germany, will also be our lead representative in that country and the EU in general.

His strong interest in the music industry means he will be focussing on our new campaign celebrating the “3 Festivals” (Isle of Wight 1968, 1969 and 1970).

Just to make sure he doesn’t have too much time to twiddle his thumbs he has also agreed to undertake a review of our branding.

Davy can be contacted via email by clicking here.