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About Charles Everest | CameronLife

About Charles Everest

John Charles Everest or Charles (as he was known to colleagues during his career as a Newsreel Cameraman) was born 12th February 1929 with a hereditary illness – Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia, or HED.  He was very fortunate to live beyond childhood and showed amazing will power and single mindedness to live a normal existence.

Born into a family with a tradition in service to sovereigns and aristocrats, Charles had an interesting and privileged childhood.  The freedom to mix with a cross-section of estate workers gave this young boy a life time interest in people and the everyday lives they lead.  A growing passion for photography, combined with mentoring by the renowned photographer  and Royal Warrant holder James Sheridan (father of actress Dinah Sheridan), led to  successful submissions to local newspapers, trade and county magazines and from there he achieved National media exposure.

National Service gave Charles an introduction to personnel records, camera work and to cataloguing and servicing military training films.  After which, freelance work took him to Edinburgh and to the features company of  ‘The Scotsman’ newspaper.  Charles’ work so impressed Roy Thomson (Canadian millionaire radio and newspaper owner; who was about to establish commercial television in Scotland), that he was given the opportunity of a career in filming for him.  However, an offer from a BBC News contractor was too good to miss and resulted in Charles covering the Northern territories reaching to the Artic Circle and the many Islands of and beyond Scotland.

Tenacity, focus and attention to detail helped him carve out a successful career as an award winning newsreel cameraman, film director and stills photographer.